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High School Fashion Girl Salon


Your high school fashion show is coming up. Do you have what it takes to model your favorite outfits? Find out today!Girls love fashion and beauty makeup, and being able to model it for the whole high school is just icing on the cake. Before any big fashion show, it’s always nice to take a little time to make yourself feel good on the inside and the outside. Start your day by making your skin look its best with a spa treatment or two. Then, it’s time for your makeup session. The final touches will come from playing dress up. Find the perfect outfit that you will be proud to model in front of everyone!
How to Play:• Time for the high school fashion show• Get ready with a few spa treatments• Put one some beauty makeup to help you look your best• Try on several dresses to find the perfect one to model• Be ready to be the superstar of the fashion show• Time to strut your stuff down the runway
Pampering and preening can be so much fun before the big fashion show for school. Download today to show off your best self for your high school fashion show! Will you be the best model there?